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Developing an RC Battery Pack - A Fundamental How-To

If you like RC, you are aware of the significance of a battery pack. The kind of batteries you choose, how very well your pack is assembled And just how effectively you cost them are all vital facets to powering your RC motor vehicle. Guaranteed, you can buy a battery pack pre-assembled, but You may also Establish your own and obtain the fulfillment of planning and powering your own private car.

The first thing you must do is when you select To place jointly a battery pack is what you are powering and how much juice you will need. You also have to have to think about the next:

one. Think about the chassis within your automobile. The sort of car won't matter around the level of Area wherein You must maneuver. The batteries might need to be oriented inside of a flat pack, a clustered pack or as both. It's also wise to contemplate the distribution of fat within your car - if the battery pounds will likely be dispersed in a side to side or again to entrance way. In some cases your chassis space for any battery pack is just not adaptable, so be familiar with All those constraints Before you begin.

2. Think about the motor powering your RC auto. Depending on the electricity specifications, you'll determine the amount of batteries or cells you'll need. This is also once you can decide the type of batteries you can use - if you wish to maintain your NiMH batteries or upgrade to LiPo.

three. Identifying your voltage can be a easy subject of addition. A normal cell voltage is one.2v, so wired in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery a very collection - 12 batteries will increase around fourteen.4v - which would power an fourteen.four volt RC electrical motor.

Next, You'll have to assemble your battery pack supplies - so Here is a sample browsing record. Keep in mind, we're assuming we are making a battery pack with 14.4v, as in the instance higher than:

o twelve Batteries or Battery Cells

o 12 Battery Bars (you are able to buy battery bars in bulk if you propose to construct more than one pack and help save $)

o Wire: You will need a better quality twelve gage by using a significant strand count. This type of wire, Using these qualities are going to be additional flexible which is ideal in addition to becoming extra productive for electricity transmission.

o eighty-a hundred Watt Soldering Gun. You'll want a gun because you might be a lot more correct and more rapidly - this is essential due to warmth sensitivity of batteries. The speedier and a lot more certain you'll be able to be, the less likely you'll be to damage the battery.

o 60/40 Solder. This really is bigger high quality - also vital for quick and correct work and averting battery harm.

o Flux. This is the chemical cleaning agent that gets rid of oxidation from steel to aid soldering. You need to use liquid or paste flux when assembling a battery pack.

o Shoo Goo or Goop. This rapid drying adhesive is going to be used to bundle the batteries collectively.

o Battery Pack Assembly Jig - optional. These assembly units align the batteries appropriately and aid a tidy battery pack. The batteries wind up essentially searching like wire wood - tidily bundled.

o Soldering "Aiding Arms" - optional. These devices assist you to hold items in position Whilst you solder.

o One more optional timesaver is to acquire a "Aiding Hands" accessory for the soldering station.

o Multi Meter. You need a fantastic multimeter to test voltage and polarity.

o Wire strippers and Wire Cutters. These applications will let you deal with, strip and properly Slice your twelve gage wire.

o The ultimate component would be the shrink wrap which is able to go throughout the complete assembly and retain it tidy. You'll also require a heat gun to warmth and shrink the wrap.

So, you have discovered how you can orient your batteries and the quantity of you require - now you will get to work on assembly. For this example, we are assembling 12 battery cells - 6 down one side and 6 down another.

Once you determine exactly where the batteries are heading in relation to the chassis And the way they're going to be laid out, you'll be able to start out. For this instance, for example we are accomplishing six down just one facet and six down another facet.

Just to ensure we're on exactly the same web page, the last word objective Here's being managing wire from your favourable terminal of your initially battery into the optimistic terminal on the electrical RC motor and afterwards operating a wire with the adverse terminal on the final battery as part of your pack into the favourable terminal of your other battery pack, thus creating a completed circuit.

This mean you have to have adequate wire to reach from the constructive terminal of your initially battery to that terminal and Furthermore from the destructive to complete the circuit together with your other battery pack so bear that in your mind.

Orientation. Align your very first mobile to make sure that constructive is pointing "upwards" and detrimental is pointing "downwards" after which you can reverse the subsequent battery so It really is opposite on down the road. If you purchased the battery assembly jig, That is any time you'd utilize it to align your cells and maintain them in place.

Adhere. Stick every one of the batteries together with your rapid drying adhesive to These are so as and aligned thoroughly.

Flux. Make use of your flux now on the connection details.

Relationship - Make use of your battery bars to attach your cells. You'll need to heat up your soldering gun and heat up the battery bar. Using the bar safeguards the battery and in the event the flux starts to bubble, you utilize your use of solder. The objective is not to warmth the battery itself. Heating the battery is don't just counterproductive, considering the fact that should you problems the battery it is not going to function, and also dangerous because the cell may possibly explode if overheated.

You'll want to complete a similar steps for your remaining battery connections. You happen to be connecting the unfavorable to your beneficial again and again once more. You can then be Prepared to attach wiring for your battery pack.

The wires must be pre-tinned which imply you must strip off a quarter inch of your protective plastic wiring sheath, utilize the flux to clean them - apply the flux liberally - warmth your solder gun and afterwards heat the wire and flow the solder to the wire right until totally saturated. You'll also want solder around the batteries And so the solder will act given that the connector with the battery.

Once the two, 6 cell battery packs are comprehensive, you'll want to hire the shrink wrap to protected them - and you will have your comprehensive battery pack! Now you'll be able to power and fly your RC helicopter, plane, boat, automobile or truck without difficulties!